About us

1. Application

  • Business owner submits application
  • Main Street Partners team reviews application
  • Business owner may be contacted for follow-up conversation to discuss needs in more detail
  • Businesses are selected for projects based on the need and availability of the small business and their estimated benefit from the project
  • Due to a limited pool of Main Street Partners consultants, not all businesses can be selected


2. Needs Assesment

  • Once a business is selected, a Main Street Partners Project Leader meets with the business owner to discuss their business’ and goals for the project
  • The two sides mutually agree upon a set of objectives that Main Street Partners will tackle over the course of the project


3. Project

  • A team of 4-5 Main Street Partners consultants begin the project with the small business owner
  • These projects generally span 6-8 weeks, and involve two primary phases of work
  • Information Gathering: Team works with business owner to gather information, including financials and customer feedback
  • Execution: Team develops and works with the business owner to implement business improvements in real-time
  • This is a highly-collaborative process and depends on constant interaction between the team and the business owner


4. Presentation

  • At the end of the project, the team will meet with the business owner to provide a complete presentation of the work completed
  • This presentation will consist of a review of the improvements already implemented, as well as a set of on-going recommendations intended to enable continued success for the business
  • For the program to succeed, the business owner must be committed to following through on these recommendations