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Your website is optimized…where to from here?

Posted by: Alex Russell | Posted on: April 15th, 2012 | 0 Comments

So far we’ve covered the importance of establishing a web presence and setting up basic optimization. Now that you have your site up and posted, how do you know if anyone is seeing it? You track it!

When walking the owner of Mehak through the chart below, he was immediately blown away by how we “knew how many people were checking him out.” The secret? We didn’t. That’s Google Analytics. Its extremely easy to use, and most importantly free. Once you have your website set up just go to www.google.com/analytics and from there Google will do an excellent job of walking you through the process. Once you have it set up you will not only be able to see how many people come to your webpage, what pages were the ones they stayed on the longest, but also HOW are they finding you.

Traffic Sources For Mehak.JPG

Traffic Sources 2.JPG

Beyond just using Google Analytics, be sure to ASK your clients how they found you. Perhaps it won’t be your website that drives your new customers. Perhaps it will be a sign you posted or your biggest fan talking to all of their friends. No matter how you are getting your new business, the person who knows best are the customers themselves, so ask them! And once you know, follow the old marketing adage and “feed what works, and cut off what doesn’t.”

Being a small business is tough right now is harder than it’s been in decades. In the case of Mehak, the owner was giving everything he had to make the business successful and still was not seeing the success he wanted. In this economy, everyone is trying their best, so those who thrive will be those who find a way to get to their customer quickly and easily. These three steps are the just the basics of small business marketing. Stay tuned for more advanced tactics.

Best of luck and if you get hungry on your journey, I strongly suggest checking outwww.mehakboston.com and trying the Chicken Tikka Masala.

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